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Creatine...Need a Little Help!


Hi, new to supplements but getting pulled in, in a big way! I started with SURGE (chocolate) very good in my opinion. But what it does for me is amazing. My energy levels have gone up and my post workout muscle pain has gone way down! I really like this stuff!

Now I'm using Metabolic Drive and Flameout as well, and my latest addition is the Biotest version of Creatine it was suggested to me and I wanted to try it. I could use some advice on general guidelines on using Creatine.

So now that I have it how much should I take it says 1.5 teaspoons per serving which I do in my Surge.

But how often per day should I take it? I have read some say that you need to load, others say it's not necessary...who's right?

How much time a day?

Pre and Post workout?



1.5 teaspoons ?? no way, use the little scoop inside the Biotest Micronized creatine which is 5 grams.

Some use one scoop after training, I have been doing one before and one after, hell it's cheap so go for it.


The measuring scoop included with Biotest Creatine Monohydrate holds 1.5 teaspoons worth of Creatine.


To get the most efficient uptake it's a good idea to take it post workout with some simple sugars so putting in with your Surge is a good idea.

Loading it is up to you. It will build up your levels a bit faster but it's not really necessary. An extra scoop before bed or upon waking for a couple weeks should do the trick. Most people don't cycle creatine anymore but I usually take mine in my Surge after working out so I don't take any on non-lifting days.

Just my 2 cents.


One scoop in my Surge postworkout works for me.



Thanks everyone, I truly appreciate the responses. I'm just getting started with supplements and you folks have been great with responding.



Thanks Mod Brian, I was not aware of the volume in the scoop. Never placed 5g = 1.5 tsp :slight_smile: Guess the OP was 100% correct.