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Creatine Myths?

A guy at the gym the other day told me if I take too much creatine my testicles will enlarge. Also, I run the risk of getting brain and testicular cancer. Instead of getting in a debate in the middle of my workout, I kept my mouth shut and had a good laugh. Anyone else hear any other ‘cool’ myths about creatine?

Yeah…creatine also causes big-time roid rages.

All of the muscle you gain while on creatine turns into fat if you stop taking it.

That’s a load of crap i have used creatine for a few years and i have had great gains and great workouts. 5 to 10 grams a day after workout with 6 to 8 grams of Glut. powder. It works wonders. For the young lady that said that it causes roid rage…Thats a load of crap as well.

These are all good myths.

I hadn’t heard the one about fat.

Dan have you been getting bigger? I think they are just jealous and are justifying not using it themselves by coming up with that crap. It certainly makes them feel better I bet.

I came back from a summer college break one time, and had put on 40 pounds in 8 months. I went from being “skinny” to being “huge”. It was a drastic change. Yes I was using creatine, and glutamine (I think that stuff is in Phosphagain, right?)

But the thing was, I had already put on 15 pounds before even touching creatine, glutamine, anything! It was my heart and intensity that won all the weight, creatine was just a tool in my belt.

They didn’t see me squatting 3 days a week, they didn’t see me busting out deadlifts and nearly puking afterwards. They didn’t see me fighting off sleep just so I could get in one last meal. They didn’t see me crashing for 12 hours the next day.

They are just haters Dan!

Yeah I had a great one the other night at a party. “Creatine doesn’t work. Its just water weight, all crap, and is dangerous.” After nearly choking, I asked what this was founded on, and instead received a pendantic, angry, and condescending, “OK, who do you think your talking to?! I spent half my life at GNC.” Everyone else in the room (all of them non-lifting types) was starting to look rather uncomfortable at his increasing rage, so I said I would agree to disagree (while menatally laughing my ass off). I just wanted to enjoy my beer and hang out with some old friends.

Abyss, please pay attention. The original post was asking for creating MYTHS that people have heard, and that is what the responses that followed it were.

i used creatine for about 6 months and here are some of the great side effects that i was told by everyone who heard that i was on it.

  1. Everything you gain is water, the second you stop working out it all goes.
  2. Liver disease and or cancer and other liver related things
  3. Heart problems later in life
  4. Bloating
  5. Siezures (im not shitting you, someone i talked in the gym said he had his first siezure 6 months prior and blamed it on creatine!)
  6. Diarehhea and cancer/diseases that can happen in that regein…
  7. Roid related problems such as gyno and hair loss
  8. And finally, i think one person told me that creatine damaged brain and testicular cells
    The funny part is that i gained 15 pounds of actual muscle the summer i was on creatine… then the naysayers started using it too, i laughed at them so hard!!!