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Creatine MonohyrdateTiming


When is the best time to take Creatine Monohyrdate?

  1. With Surge PWO - 5 grams
  2. With Surge Pre & Post (5 grams each time)
  3. 10 or 15 minutes after Sure PWO
  4. In Hot liquid (i.e. water or green tea).
  5. mixed with cold water PWO + Surge.
  6. With a P + C meal
  7. Before or after a P + C meal
  8. Other

Thanks for everyone's input on the creatine use.


I usually take it PWO mixed with either grape or apple juice, before anything else. this is provided that it's just creatine powder and not one of the "preloaded" mixes. But that's just me.


I would say 2, but with the 5g split into 2.5 pre and 2.5 post.


A couple weeks ago David Barr wrote an article called The Naked Truth. Check it out.


With Surge after workout, 3-5 grams


Thes most efficient time to take it is when your muscles are the most receptive for it, which is right after your workout. $urge is the ultimate creatine transport system. Drop 5 grams in along with your serving of $urge, shake and drink up.

What is your reasoning behind supplementing with creatine?


I do #1 exactly


1 is the traditional time although I don't think there's any evidence to support this (it's when I use it too).

Overall it really won't matter so take it when it's convenient.


3 grams is plenty PWO with Surge.

Check out this back issue:



I use 2.5grams mixed with gatorade and a bit of added sugars in a liter of cold water during my workout and take 2.5 immediately after my workout, its best if you mix it with surge but i dont have any currently so i just mix it with sugars, or sometimes into my postworkout shake.


i put 5 grams in my surge and sip the thing pre, during, and post workout. laters pk