Creatine monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate: Regardless of which brand I take,
whether I take it with Dextrose, add Alpha lipolic acid, dissolve
it in hot liquid, or main-line it (just kidding), I get ZERO
response from it. Anyone else have similar results? ::::----::::

The only thing I ever got out of it was explosive
direaha, and a sore tuckas!

About 1 in 5 do not respond to creatine. No one knows why.

Yes. Creatine does absolutely nothing for me. I’ve tried all sorts of brands and loading protocols. Nothing.

I read on this here site the hypothesis that some people are non responders because they already have “optimal” Phospho-creatine levels naturally. Therefore (by the theory), Creatine supplementation will do nothing because there’s no room for more PC.
However, when non-responders tried Ribose-C (Poloquin being one) the results were creatine-esque. To me, that means the above theory isn’t 100% applicable.
I haven’t been on creatine for 2 years now, but when I do a cycle, I’ll use Ribose-C. Biotest stuff just seems far and above everything else I’ve used. The only disapointment i had was with Boitest ZMA. I found I had better results on the ISS ZMA.

yea i tried loading, with hot water and continued use, for like a month, didn’t notice anything. My friend who was using creatine concurrently (but in plain water) did get results.

ok I do not use it anymore but when I did I got nothing untill I tried micronized creatine (I just mixed it with some nestea sweet tea no lemon). don’t know if it was in my head or if the fact it was micronized realy helped.
how much animal protien do you consume? you may not respond because you have no “room” for more (as bigrob stated). never tried ribose so I can’t say anything about it. peace

You may want to give “buffered creatine” a try before totally giving up on creatine. It’s pretty new and only a few companies have it. It’s reported to be 10 times more bioavailable than regular creatine, doesn’t convert to the toxic creatinine, and shouldn’t cause stomach upset. Sports Science Research makes a version and uses it in all of their creatine products.

First of all, thanks guys, for some decent responses…nate, Dave and
BigRob said they got nice results from “Ribose C” and are leading me
in that direction…nate, there’s nothing hokey about throwing a bone
to the board’s sponsor, especially if they’re putting out a product that
might be helpful!..(Besides, they do allow us to play on their field.)
Bigrob, well put!..I’m probably making enough on my own…My question
is when creatine non responders RESPOND to “Ribose C,” is it the ribose,
or the combination? dman and lipo, I feel your pain…hamsnquads,
thanks for that colorful description!..V man, I am the 1 in 5…hetyey225,
I am a modest meat eater and subsist on cottage cheese, eggs, and protein
powder…I have used MET-RX micro ionized creatine for 3 years on and off,
and have had no luck with it either…The reasons I stayed with it so long: a)
the price-$20 a kilo at Costco. b)You fill in the blank!..Chris Johnson, I’ll
have to read up on the buffered creatine. I’ve also heard how cheap
creatine can turn toxic; maybe that expains hamsnquads “explosive diarrhea.”
Oh, BTW, PEACE to all! ::::----::::