Creatine Monohydrate Delivery

How does everyone take their creatine on non training days? On training days I take five grams mixed with Surge PWO. On non training days I dissolve it in boiling water and mix in sugar free instant Lipton green tea and drink over ice. I think I might have read that creatine absorbs better and causes less gastric distress when dissolved in boiling water. Am I correct for thinking this? Does mixing it in the boiling water denature the creatine causing it to be less effective? Thanks.


I take mine in the ass. I got used to it as a kid.

I do what you do.

Know hot water helps it dissolve. I even use hot water to dissolve it with my Surge. Shake it then add ice cubes and the the Surge.

Just take it and dont sweat the minutia so much…

On off days - i mix a scoop (about 5gs) with my morning protein shake. Don’t believe it really matters that much, just as long as your topping your levels up.