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Creatine Mono with Sodium Bicarbonate


I've been reading several articles on this combo with most results being a small increase with max power output. I wondering if anyone has tried this and seen some difference in their power or if it worth trying at all.


I love sodium bicarbonate before working out. The hard part was always trying to choke it down. Lately I just put it in NOW capsules and I might burp a little bit, but it is a cheap suppliment that does help me.


Sodium bicarb raises endurance by holding down lactic acid during higher rep training, but since lactic acid likely stimulates growth it kind of defeats the purpose.


Okay with that being said were could it be most effective at during a heavy workout day? Seeing that it holds back lactic acid would it be more effective to take is later in workout or even for post workout hydration?


I don't know about when to use it, but I wouldn't for hydration. It tends to pull water out of the blood and into the digestive tract which can cause dehydration and cramping.


start low with the bi-carb. To high a dose and you will likely shit your pants in the middle of the set


Hmmm... Seems like Bicarb has a lot working against what my needs are. Can anyone recommend a few things that might help support workout hydration and power output? I currently take Power Drive,Micro-Pa,Creatine Mono, and Alpha-GCP. I do realize that most of these help out with power output. I just like look into and try out other options if out there.

The hydration part... Im restarting the anabolic diet and I kinda want to make to best of my hydration because I dont want drink 2 gallons of water to NOT feel thirsty anymore.


There was a study that I looked at for a lit-review for my MSc that compared accute sodium Bi-carb with long term beta-alanine use.

Bascially 8 weeks of beta-alanine allowed the subjects (well trained short distance swimmers) to swim significantly faster then the placebo group.

at the end of the 8 weeks, both groups were split up again and half got bi-carb and half got another placebo. (so now 4 groups, Placebo+placebo, Placebo+bi-carb, BA+Placebo, BA+bi-carb)

In the end, acute bi-carb pretty much matched long term BA, but adding bi-carb to the BA group didnt help any more then BA or bi-carb.

in short, chronic beta-alanine can potentially help just as much as sodium bi-carb in buffering lactic acid etc...


I recommend pickle brine.