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Creatine Mixing


The Biotest creatine says to drink immediately after mixing.
If I mix the creatine with my Surge Recovery 2 hours prior to consuming will it still have the same effect?
Also would creatine be effective if I am taking Anaconda?


It will still be effecttive. Dont sweat it.

But please, next time dont start a new thread. Do you have any idea how many creatine threads there are? You could have just posted this in one of them.


I believe 2 hours will be fine. However many hours should be avoided.


Before I go to the gym, I put creatine and whatever other supps in a shaker bottle but don't add water until after my workout and I'm ready to drink it.

Is that what you're talking about?


Yes thank you that was one of the things I was talking about.
The other being should I take creatine after my workout, if I'm taking Anaconda during workout?

before w/o: I take Surge workout fuel 1/3 ( of 2 scoops)
during w/o: 2/3 Surge workout fuel and 1 scoop Anaconda
immediately after w/o: 1 scoop Surge recovery with 5g creatine mono

Any other suggestions?


Not to be rude (but to a degree), what other suggestions do you want? Lets look at the options you have:

1) mix creatine before you go to the gym into your liquid of choice

2) put it in your bottle and put liquid into after your workout

3) just wait until you go home to take some creatine

Any of those methods will work. Doesn't matter which one.

And it doesn't matter if you take creatine with the large snake protocol. You probably dont even need to since it already has creatine.


I think they say 'drink immediately' simply because if you don't, the creatine will probably start to separate from the water, collecting at the bottom.


Actually this is not the reason, it's because it decomposes into Creatinine after a certain amount of time.

Someone with more scientific knowledge feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this.


Whoa, well, thanks for the correction.

What's the turn time?


Im just going from memory but in one of the many recent creatine threads someone posted a study or two about the conversion of creatine over time dissolved in water and an acidic beverage. im not going to quote numbers as i dont have them but basically dont worry about it unless youre mixing it the day before drinking it. a few hours is fine