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Creatine + Mag-10


I was just wondering what you guys think of using creatine during a mag-10 cycle. I know many people that swear by creatine and others that think its just crap. Any opinions?


Creatine is pretty benign compared to the power of MAG-10, but you can take both at the same time safely. Sounds like you don't really understand how each works. T-mag has plenty of info to help you. First, run a search for an article by TC about the myths of creatine, then read the MAG-10 FAQ. Run the search at T-mag, not the T-forums to find the articles.


Actually I have a pretty fair understanding of how each supp works, although I wouldn't call myself an authority on either. I guess what im asking is could combining the two have a greater effect on lbm gains as opposed to just mag-10 alone. I'd love to double does with the mag-10, but my budget won't allow for that. I was just searching for other ideas.


Save it for when you're coming off your Mag10 cycle.


If you eat a decent amount of meat, you probably won't see much gain from taking creatine. On the other hand, if you're a vegan, it'll shoot you through the roof. So it really depends on your eating habits, as far as I'm concerned.


Thunder put it where it belongs. Creatine will help you maintain the mass post cycle while you are recoverying. I might suggest creatine during a cycle if you are an endurance athlete in order to help with ATP production while still gaining LBM. Otherwise save it for afterwards.


i'll disagree(if not just for the sake of discussion).
Why not use creatine to get the most out of your cycle. heavier lifts, stimulate the muscle more, blah blah...
this is what i do... if any one gives a shit


I would definitely include creatine throughout a MAG-10 cycle and afterwords. Anytime mass is important and training volume is going to be increased, I see only benefits from adding creatine.