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creatine(long term)

I’m 17, I work at my local gym. one of my friends dads, who goes to the gym I work at was lecturing me yesterday as I drinking my pre-workout creatine. He is huge from apparent steroids in his younger years(He has bitch tits to prove).
he told me after using creatine my body will never produce it as much as I did before I took it.
Is there any truth to this?
thanks guys


He’s close. But no cigar. Like most biological systems, creatine has a feedback system. If you take in a lot, it produces less. After you stop taking some, it up-regulates production.

The big thing is that the changes to your creatine levels are mostly dietary in nature. For example, people who don’t consume meat see big creatine change when they do eat red meats.

Don’t worry about that. What I would be concerned about is that you are even taking creatine. IMHO it’s a “show-off” supplement. You only see the benefits of creatine while on it. FACT: if you compare someone with no creatine supplementation for 6 months vs. one with 1 month “on” and 5 months “dry”, with good training, their strength gains will be very similar. HOWEVER, while ON creatine, there’s a big difference.

Stay away from creatine. Spend your money on fish oils instead. And food.

thanks for the feedback, I told him the same thing but adults do a great job of always believing they are right and not considering maybe a youth does have a clue?:slight_smile:
nothin personal to you older guys.