Creatine Loading

My question has to do with the levels of creatine one should maintain with after the loading phase. Looking at my tub of pure Creatine monohydrate (GNC, Gift) it says to load with 20g’s a day for four days, and then to maintain at 10 g’s a day. My tub of creadrive (GNC) says the exact same. Two differnt Mens magazines say one should take in 20 g’s of creatine a day for maintance. I notice after the loading phases I again feel muscle fatigue and soreness the days after my lifts. But if I maintain at 20g’s a day I no longer feel the fatigue or soreness from my lifts.

I wouldn’t ask the question except for the fact both tubs say not to take in more than 20g’s a day after the loading phase, is this because it will have adverse affects.

(On a side note just for clarification, I do not take both substances at the same time, other than to take one of each for a total of my 10 g’s a day, or my 20g’s depending on my expiriment I have been doing.)

I simply use 1 tsp 5 g all the way through no lopad required

works for me.