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Creatine Loading

All of the literature that I’ve read says load it at attack dosage, then cut the dosage to normal. So I’ve always loaded creatine double dosage for a week before going to single dosage. Then a very knowledgeable trainer tells me screw the loading and cycling. Just take it before and after lifting on workout days, and that’s it.

Have I been duped into buying lots and lots of creatine by the supplement companies?

Anyone heard similar?

Bottom line…

…after 30 days or maybe even less, whether or not one takes 5 grams a day or 20 grams a day, one will have attained maximal saturation.

Loading just “fills” ya up faster. This is how I always understood it and explained it.

Thought loading gives you that quick water weight gain, strength gain, etc, whereas taking five grams a day right off the bat will result in a slower, less dramatic initially but steady gains until muscle saturation is reached.

Am I off base here or what.

There is no need to load creatine. In fact recent recent research shows that most of us have been doing too much creatine all along.5 grams per day is more than enough, and best utilized after your training.Go to the search feature, type in creatine and get all kinds of info.TC’s article on the 7 myths of creatine will help a lot.Also there was a great article in a recent past issue.“The only 2 things that matter about creatine is it’s purity and cost”-TC.

Loading makes money for creatine vendors. 5 grams per day does just as well.

There is no advantage to loading creatine. Once you’ve reached the maximum level your cells can hold, you’ve reached it. You can do it in a week or a month, that’s up to you.

Check out The Naked Truth

  • Dangerous Creatine from the Jan 9th issue of T-Mag.

if you use the search function for t-mag, you will find many articles on your topic. One was posted as recently as two weeks ago.

From the information that I’ve learned from thsi site is that creatine should NOT be loaded. It offers ZERO benefits and its just a waste of the money you spent. Stay away from the creatine “cocktail” mixes and get yourself som good ol’ creatine. Problab has a nice fine brand. You get 200 servings with it I believe, and its pretty cheap, under $30. There have been studies that have come out in the past few years that back up these statements. Its should be taken AFTER your workout. Thats when your muscles are most receptive to it. Just mix it in with you $urge or PWO protein shake. You do not need to use it on your days off either. You’ll flush most of it out of your system anyway. You shouldn’t ingest more than 5g’s a day. Everything over that ends up as waste product. And some of the 5g’s ends up as a waste product too.

So to sum up, stay away from the “cocktails”, don’t use over 5g’s a day and there is ZERO need or benefit to “load” it. The only thing you’ll end up loading is your toilet.

Recent studies have shown that you do not need to load C Also, the dosage has been found to be as effective at 3 mg. as at 5 mg.

Thanks a lot for all the info.

I’m new to the forums, so I apologize for making everyone beat a dead horse. I’ll run a search before I post next time.

NO loading, NO cycling, NO 20g/day doses

got it

Thanks again.

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