Creatine Loading

is it safe with no sideeffects? and how should i load it. it says i take it 5 grams 4x a day on empty stomach so should i take iot right before my 3 main meals and right before working out?

20g a day is more than likely going to cause a large degree of bloat. Search for articles on creatine, ohh and taking a lot of creatine is a good way to saturate your urine with creatine. Good thing it isn’t expensive.

…it might saturate you piss with creatinine, otherwise you could get loaded up by taking the piss (wich is what I’m doing) lol.

  1. Possible Side affects include: Bloating, Diahrea
  2. It says to take that much so you run out faster and buy more.
  3. Take 3-5gm one time a day with your post workout drink
  4. Loading is BS, it takes 20+ days to get the affect of creatine.
  5. Searching is your friend.