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Creatine Loading: Revisited

It’s been quite awile since I’ve used Creatine. What is the general concensus or new research in regards to creatine loading and maintenance ?

Any insight will be greatly appreciated !!!

Some say loading gets you saturated quicker. Some say you piss everything over 5g a day out. I think the current consensus would be t skip the loading phase, take your 5g after working out or in the am of non training days and you’ll be full in 3-4 weeks. All the while, gaining the benefits. Beware, some people are non-responders to creatine.

Twice a day for a week and you’re loaded. The sh!t is so cheap now that I can’t justify skimping on it. PM me for a cheap yet quality source.

I use usually around 10 gms a day–I heat the water first, makes it dissolve better. This dosage (he said 10-15 gms) was described indirectly by Berardi and actually has some science behind it (has do do with a down-regualtion of creatine transporters). As a side note, when I’m low-carbing it, creatine seems to make a big difference (pumps, weight lifted, work capacity), however during bulking/higher carb times (when I’m pretty much pumped all the time anyway I notice little or no difference.