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Creatine Loading Phase?

Do you really need to Creatine load or can you just start taking the sup. regularly?

no need just take it.

no. Read this:


Of course, there’s no harm to loading. And you will reach creatine saturation faster, yielding quicker results. Even if some of the other benefits was attached to loading haven’t seemed to pan out. So, you might as well do it.

Thanks for the link. That article was very imformative.

Now I just have one or two q’s.

After training I usually drink a protein shake. I assume it would be ok to throw my creatine into the same shake?

Would it be ok, to take creatine both pre and post training?

This was my idea: (I’m not a body builder just trying to build some muscle and look good nekid)
1st thing in the morning fasted state jog
Post Jog - Whey Protein then half an hour later breakfast

mid morning: Beef Jerky and Fruit


Mid Afternoon: Creatine and some beef jerky

Train hard

Post Workout: Shake made with Whey Protein and creatine. Then half an hour later supper