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Creatine Loading Phase


I've done some research on the loading phase, but i was just wondering if you take 20g all at once or is it better to take it four times a day and still add up to 20g? I've been taking it with grape juice and the first day of the loading phase, my toilet got wrecked.


Don't bother loading - just take the maintenance 5 g/day or whatever. Loading really doesn't buy much for you as the levels build up rather quickly regardless. Doesn't matter what you take it with either.


I usually take 5g twice a day for five days and then go to 3g once a day from then on. Thibs had an article on it a while back and basically said that any more than this is wasted (literally pissed away).


Personally, I think the "loading" phase is garbage. I've had equal results by just taking 2-5g per day.

However, if you do load, split it up to 4 servings a day to total your 20g.

Pcdude, it is important what you take with creatine. Creatine should not be taken with acidic type fluids as it can convert the creatine to its waste product, creatinine. Grape juice is perfect though. Also, putting it in your protein shake is a good idea. Studies have shown that taking protein and creatine together can increase the muscle's ability to absorb the creatine.


Thanks, yall.