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Creatine Loading Phase


Sorry I apologize if this has been discussed a million times on here..

I just started taking creatine (I use the one from Biotest) and I basically ignored the loading phase (5mg 4-5 times a day) have been using just 1 5mg dosage post workout for a week now. Should I start a loading phase this week anyways? Or should I just ignore that and keep going with the 1 dosage of 5mg per day?



Loading phases are pretty much redundant, they saturate your body with creatine faster than you would on 5g a day at the cost of wasting more creatine (Higher percentage pissed out when compared to 5g a day); in the end, your body gets saturated anyways.

So just continue on, and I hope you meant g instead of mg :slight_smile:


Just continue on with the 5g per day.


Yup, 5g a day is pretty much the accepted dosage necessary daily amount


I prefer preworkout creatine. Postworkout never did much for me.




thanks guys, appreciate it


Yeah I think the pre-workout creatine benefits workouts alot more for me also. Sometimes I'll do before/after if it was a really taxing session.