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Creatine Loading on a Zone diet?

If I was taking creatine the old fashioned way, and attempting a loading phase, how would I manage this on a zone diet where insulin levels are supposed to be kept stable all day long. The only time I desire high insulin levels is after my workout, but I can’t load 20 grams of creatine at the one time. If my meals are 40%P 30%fat and 30%carbs, would taking creatine with these meals, still be effective? I would use Biotests creatine product, but it’s unavailable where I live. Thanks

You don’t HAVE to get the huge insulin spike. Sure, it may work better if you do, but remember in all the original studies they never used the Kool-aide formulas. It was creatine in hot tea. As long as you’re getting some carbs in your diet, then you can load just fine with plain creatine mixed in a warm liquid. Duchaine also had this tip: Put some peanut butter in your mouth. Let it trigger a response, then spit it out and take your creatine. I don’t think that’s all that necessary, but it might work. I’d take creatine just before each meal that had carbs.

I did the loading by putting all 20g of creatine in a large container of water and drinking the water throughout my day. It seemed to work just fine. Some people tend to get headaches when loading creatine (I did, and I don’t normally ever have headaches) so that and my workout energy were my measures of effectiveness. Good luck - Nylo

So the bottom line would be to just take it with some water, and skip the high glycemic carbs. I was going to just dissolve it in some water with some Gatorade powder. Would this be ok, or just use plain old water. Thanks for the help guys.

Camelia, I’ve never responded to creatine like the masses have, so maybe I’m doing something wrong but I just had some thoughts. You might consider splitting the dosages in 3 or 4 (if you’re loading @ 20g/day). Take 2 or 3 5g servings during the day with plain old water (I don’t think even Gatorade is necessary), but you might want to take it right before a meal. Also, take one 5-10g serving with your postworkout meal/shake. Make sure you’re getting plenty of water (I’m sure you knew that) because of the desired cell volumizing effect, and if you’re also using glutamine, don’t take the two at the same time.

You could always take an effervescent version in which case there is no need to load and it has minimal carbs. If your going to go the water route make sure that your is luke warm and your creatine is micronized which will allow for better absorbtion.