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Creatine loading myth

hi!guys,I have been off creatine for about 8 weeks.I am starting again,would like to kno if i have to load again.Before i ran out of creatine i was on it for about 10 weeks.Also i remember reading an article on creatine loading being just a marketing strategy and that there was no need to saturate the creatine pool.Reply asap.

This article talks about that. Check it out:

Dont waste the money on loading. Just take a regular dose and reep the benefits for a longer time.

I have done it both ways and saw no difference in results.

My 2 cc.

Loading is BS. Take your regular amount, and in 2 weeks you will be where you want to be.

There’s corroborating evidence in a recent issue of Muscle Nerve if you’re interested… or was that JSCR? :slight_smile: