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Creatine Loading Info

I have been looking around for a good article on the best way to Load creatine. I’ve been off it for a lil over a month now and would like to do the loading again, any useful tips or links to somewhere I can get great info would be much appretiated, thanks.

you don’t need to load it.

this is a myth made up by the guys that make it to sell more.

3-5 g daily is sufficient.

Atreides is right there has been studys done you dont need a loading phase 5grams a day is good mabe even less

I agree that you don’t need to do a loading phase. However, I did a cycle where I just took 5g a day for 8 weeks and I really did not notice much…a little gain in strength maybe. Then I did another cycle where I have been taking 10g a day and I have responded a lot better. Just a thought…rememeber different things work for different people