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Creatine like B.C. Powder?


Not too much of a serious question, just wondering if anyone has ever tried taking creating like B.C. powder, just pour it on your tongue and wash it down with some water. You would definitely not see any left behind in your cup!


Erm... thank you, for that suggestion.




Straight dope.


Yes i have, but it's good to mix it to where most of it (pretty much impossible not to have leftover) mixes completely in water. Something about it absorbing better.


I always take my Birth Contol powder rectally. Many scientific studies show that it absorbs faster that way. Same goes for creatine


I have no idea what this thread is about so Im going to go with this ^

he probably means big clit powder


Agreed... Though I use some nice stuff, it tastes like nothing and I could just as easily dissolve it in cold water. Very fine powder.

We're talking about cocaine right?