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Creatine Lets You Do More?

I keep reading about people overtraining while using creatine because they could do more work.

So does creatine let your body excercise more and increase the workload in your training regime?

Yes in a nut shell it will rasing the ATP available etc But NOT to the extent it can cause over training. If these ppl are over training its due to the fact they think the creatine is magic add on a crap load of extra work while they’re so called “ON” creatine. In short they are not training smart and letting some mental placebo effect get the best of them.

Creatine is a Great supp, but not magic. I suggest you read up on creatine and what it does. Plenty out there to read and why not be knowledgable in something before you put it in your body.

Hope that helps,

“training” is only 1/3 of the equation. the other 2/3 being food and sleep. even though it’s the smaller part i think most people put a greater priority on “training” than they do “eating and sleeping.”

you hear people congratulate themselves all the time because they put up 405 5x5 or whatever, but i’ve never once heard a guy come into the gym saying " dude, i busted my ass to get in 70 hours of sleep this week ! it was awesome !!"

if you’re lifting above yourself, it’s common sense to need to eat and sleep above yourself also.