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Creatine & Juice

Okay I was surfing the net and at menshealth and came across some conflicting research.

Some say to mix creatine with grape juice.
But some say don’t because it’ll turn the creatine into creatinine.
What’s the story to mix or not to mix?

Also what’s this dextrose thing?

Creatine and Juice…wasn’t that a song by Snoop Dogg?

dextrose is the common chemical name for glucose. It’s a simple sugar slightly more bitter than table sugar which is sucrose (glucose + fructose).

Everything I’ve read about creatine and juice indicates that Creatinine is produced. Creatinine is the metabolite of creatine, and so basically what your putting in your mouth is used up product with no value whatsoever. I’ve read that the best way to take creatine is actually in the straight powder form but since that would just form a disgusting paste in your mouth that would be impossible to swallow, a little warm water works perfect, and you get the whole benefit.

Save your money…Creatine is the most over rated stuff out there.But if you insist on wasting money then Phosphagen XT by EAS is the best to take.

Here’s another question. According to a few articles on this site, the most predominant sugar in fruit, fructose, while raising blood sugar, does not have a large impact on insulin. If the whole idea behind drinking your creatine with juice is to raise insulin, then adding it to juice would be less effective than adding it to, say, Kool-Aid. Am I going wrong here?

What you said sounds about right. But I don’t know if the original reason fo adding Juice to Creatine was to induce insulin spikes. I have a feeling that it was to improve flavour. Only problem is that Kool-aid may contain some ascorbic (citrus) acid and other things that have the same effect of converting creatine to creatinine.

Personally I’d just stick to putting on muscle rather than filling my arms with water. But if you insist on using Creatine, dump the juice or anything of the sort. And make sure you cycle it properly or you’ll really start wasting your money when your pissing it down the drain.