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Creatine is Disgusting in Water


Is it just me or does drinking creatine with water...though tasteless... makes you wanna gag?
I know its tasteless. I know its just powder. Every time i drink it though, i get this taste of disgust and
a real gag reflex. Am I just imagining this? do I have some kind of creatine complex? Does anybody
else feel this way about creatine?


creatine is a powerful drug if your body is rejecting it, it means that you arnt strong enough mentally to accept it into your body try something like yoga to strengthen your core physically and mentally


I'm sorry couldnt help myself

I cant taste it at all or have those problems :slight_smile:


you mock me. im serious. the shit makes me gag.


Maybe you need to take it with crystal light or some other kind of flavoring to cover the taste?

Supposedly straight ANACONDA tastes so completely horrible that our great benefactors at Biotest had to experiment with flavoring things to make it palatable.

To answer your original question, I have no idea.


Unflavored in water doesnt bother me, it kinda feels like im drinking sand water though because of the gritty texture from the creatine. However, ive had some flavored creatine products that when mixed with water arent bad at all, you get kinda sick of the flavor after a while though.


It is disgusting to the 1,000th degree.

Tasteless my ass.

Shit is gross and I refuse to take it or anything with it in it.


Maybe I'm weird for this but I just dump the scoop in my mouth and then sip a little water. After I swish it around once the creatine disolves and I swallow. Its just like a shot, over quickly at least.


This is what I do, I prefer it over trying to drink it in a glass of water.





And all along I figured everyone did this.


I thought so as well


Micronized creatine? Then u just need more water. If not get micronized


i thought you had to drink it with enough water so you didnt get digestive problems and so it would be absorbed properly. also, I discovered that the standard 200 ml "recommendation" hardly makes the powder dissolve. so I kept increasing the water up to 500ml. this still left it grity. after that I filled the shaker almost to the top ~650ml and then mixed it up and suddenly it all dissappeared after a few minutes. no grit at all. so maybe try more water until the creatine is completly dissolved. I can taste a mild flavour of some kind, but not enough to be bothered by it or tell what it is.


Do you guys really not mix it in with you pre/postworkout drink?


Anyone with a brain does this. Over in a second & you dont waste any of it at the bottom of a glass. I do this for BCAAs & glutamine too.


that's what I do, but the sand texture is still a bit distracting.


I take it in my tea at breakfast. It dissolves completely and the breakfast provides a nice little insulin spike too if you care about that.


I hate the stuff as well but I went and bought the micronized creatine. I then took a teaspoon of the stuff and put it into my mouth, immediately took a big sip of water and let it dissolve for a few seconds before swallowing it. It sounds hardcore but I find it much easier then drinking it in a glass of water etc... I use to get non-micronized creatine but that stuff does not dissolve easily and taste super bad.....