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Creatine Is Bad for You


I cannot believe the ignorance exhibited by some people, especially so called doctors and other "experts". The following was printed yesterday in the Daily Herald.

If anybody cares, this article can be found in its original form here: http://www.dailyherald.com/story/?id=310650


If the kid ended up getting sick his parents could sue the doctor and blame it on the creatine. The doctor gave the OK on it despite there being no research on adolescents. Does not matter if the creatine actually caused it, the doctor is screwed.

And he has a legitimate point too. While it is considered safe for adults, different substances affect different populations differently! Take aspirin for example - safe for adults and increases the risk of Reye's syndrome in kids and adults.

The only bad part in the article was where they claimed creatine did not improve strength. However, the main premise, which is that research on adults can not be applied to adolescents is as smart as the medical community gets.


I agree about not applying research from adults to kids, but you have to be joking if you think this is a responsible article. Comparing creatine to steroids numerous times and making creatine sound as if it will hurt you are irresponsible, to say the least. The same objective of making sure kids understand it may not be safe could have been accomplished much better, instead of making creatine sound like illegal drugs and scaring parents into never allowing their children to use what may very well be a big help. I see your point, my point is this article relied more on scare tactics than any "real" science.


Kids shouldn't use supplements, they should eat.

In the contrast, I used creatine when I was 16 and nothing happened to me. I didn't lift hard enough for it to make a difference I don't think.


I love the "does not enhance endurance in distance events"... I think I'm bleeding inside my chest, having to bury my hopes of being a marathon-runner, a Lord of the slow-twitch...


I love how the writer says college athletes "admitted" to creatine use. Makes it sound like they are doing something illegal and sneaky. Dumb fucking journalists.


yep, i had my share of first hand experience, my doctor said the reason for gyno was because creatine is like steroid


"Creatine's recognized negative side effects include stomach and muscle cramps, dehydration, and in some cases involving high dose use, kidney overload."


Well of course there haven't been any studies on the effects of creatine in teenagers....no ethics board in there right mind would allow that kind of stuff to be done of non consenting youth. with most of the research done on adults u could probably say its ok for teenagers, but then again it might act different in them with the changing that goes on in that period. it seems lk a case of a safe doctor and a blow out of proportion report.


[quote]Higgins wrote:
Kids shouldn't use supplements, they should eat.



I used creatine and it is solely responsible for acne, hair loss, gyno, shrinkage, and killing my libido. I also developed 13 conditions because of creatine. I will forever be reminded of the horrors of using it. I hope this article will get the publicity it deserves and the doctor granted the respect she obviously deserves.

On a serious note, I just received my Biotest order yesterday with a brand new container of creatine. :slight_smile:



I dont even use creatine anymore.

I just inject test.


I snort my creatine. It helps with absorption.


So essentialy the article can be destroyed with a picture of a tap.


"information - his friends - had already shared with him the suburban myth that creatine automatically turns all food eaten into bulging masses of new muscle."

Who ever said this?

"Well, it turns out nothing in life is that easy, and, in fact, creatine use not only fails to live up to its billing but is also loaded with risk. In fact, in a policy statement issued in 2005 and reaffirmed in 2008, the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness "-strongly condemns the use of performance-enhancing substances and vigorously endorses efforts to eliminate their use among children and adolescents"

I love how articles get specific and then general to make their point. Performance-enhancing substances ehh wow that can mean many many things.


Do my eyes not work? or did you not change anything?


Creatine is banned by the NCAA for athletes. So it is illegal in college athletics. The only thing is that everyone takes it, they just cycle off when they know theirs a risk of being tested.


No it's illegal for coaches to give them the creatine for free. They can take as much as they want as long as they buy it.
And creatine is next to impossible to test for.


Guess someone didn't pay attention in undergraduate biochemistry.

It's not hard to figure out how creatine works and that it is, in fact, far less dangerous than the many other things people put into their bodies on any given day.

I despise anyone who takes such strong stances without having half a fucking clue what they're standing against.


I had to explain to my boss's wife that creatine wasnt a steroid, her son played football and I was asking him if he was liftin and taking supps and he told me that his mom wouldnt let him because she said creatine was steroids.

Also my dad and I shared a few bottles of Phosphagen hp when I was a teenager and I loved the pumps.Im still chasing that dragon to this day.