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Creatine Intake


So I just started takeing creatin and I want to know after the first week do I really have to go from taking almost 30g a day to just 5g? I mean I feel great right now and my body looks swoll all day. I love it. but creatin is all im taking right now, im waiting for the rest of my supps to come in. so any advice? can I keep taking 30g a day or what is the best way to take creatin


5 g pre workout

5 g post workout

as long as it's monohydrate


you probably don't need a loading phase. I have never done one.


I agree, I've gotten the same results with or without.


Absolutely. The "loading phase" always seemed to me like some marketing executive's bright idea to boost sales and profits. I made the mistake of loading myself and proceeded to flush about 80 dollars down the toilet (literally). Long term, loading just isn't necessary.


Just take 5g in your postworkout shake. Done.


the creatin got u mad swoll brah?

you puttin it in yer socks?


Sorry man but your 80% of your 30g is going straight down the toilet. Start taking 5g pre or post workout. The studies show that loading MAY make a small difference in the amount of time to reach saturation but the difference is a matter of days at most and long term it makes no difference. Once you are at saturation 5g will be enough to keep you there, anymore is going to waste and wont make any difference.


So even if im going for body building and putting on wieght, its still just 5g? that just dosent seem like much to me.


If you want to waste your money and take more, go right ahead. You've gotten great answers and basically no flames on the topic.



Don't listen to these brainwashed dudes. 30 grams is good, right? Then just imagine how good 100 grams a day would be. I sprinkle it on my food, spread it on sandwiches and eat it with a spoon straight out of the bag.

More is always better, brah!


hes right. i heard if you take 100g a day it becomes STEROIDS! seriously, there was an olympic ice dancing pair that did it back in '74 and they got tested for creatine but the levels were so HIGH that they said it was teh roidz.


I heard that kid from the Twilight movie was taking 100g's a day... Thats how he got so jacked and got all ripped up for his shirtless scenes. If that's not proof right there I don't know what is


haha greg watches twilight.




Oh noes... werewolf roid rage!


Das wussup!!! Makes the bitches vag dump and makes all the other guys jelly!


vag dump sounds like vagina poo.


hahahaha this was great... but really kid, stop doing the "loading" crap and do something like 5 grams with your first meal of the day and another 5 grams pre-workout


No need to give the guy a hard time.

I have not researched creatine supplementation thoroughly, so please do correct me if I'm wrong here, but can somebody post an actual research article confirming the mantra that "5 grams pre and post workout" is in fact scientifically valid?

Throwing around numbers like this without any evidence needs to be avoided. Remember the old "25 grams of protein is all you can absorb per sitting" guidelines?

It seems to me that somebody with more appreciable muscle mass would need to supplement with more creatine to maintain levels in the muscle. Is there some kind of regulatory feedback system inherent in the human body (be it the body of Bill Kazmaier or a 4'2" Bangladeshi midget) that says "ok, we're at exactly 5 grams of creatine here, time to piss all the excess away"?

Creatine is dirt cheap these days, there is evidence that it has cognitive benefits, and there don't seem to be any negative side effects at reasonable dosages. Why not take more?

(As a small aside, here's an interesting article I dug up about taking 5 grams 4x per day or taking 20grams at once in regards to urinary excretion. Seems as though less is wasted at the larger dosage.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19437189 )