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Creatine + Insulin Spike --- is it necessary?


Just wondering what the research says on insulin and creatine. Some sides say you must have it with juice or something to spike insulin and others have said it really does not matter.



Taking creatine with a simple carbohydrate will allow your muscles to reach saturation quicker, but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter in my opinion. It is going to be a very insignificant difference.


Yeah, I wouldn't take it with juice at a random time of day just for an insulin spike. But if you have it with some workout carbs, sure.


I thought this was an interesting question, so I asked the Magic Google Box about it. Creatine is transported across the cell membrane by a complex called SLC6A8 (aka CT1), one of a family of transporter complexes called Solute Carrier 6 (SLC6).

Per my scanning of a recent review of the SLC6 transporter family (linked below), I saw nothing to indicate CT1 (or any other member of the SLC6 family) upregulates in terms of either quantity or activity in response to insulin. FWIW.



Thanks! you've answered a few of my questions now, your responses are always awesome.. much appreciated


My pleasure. Like I said, it was an interesting question. Plus, I learned a lot in attempting to answer it.


A good post workout shake should have some carbs in it anyways, I just throw the creatine in with the whey, casein, and carb powder