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Creatine In Urine


A buddy of mine has to take a piss test once a month for his po. The last few times he's gone, his results said he was excreting creatine. The strange thing is he's never taken creatine.

His po thinks he's tryin' to dilute his piss, and there is a possibility he could get in trouble. He says the only time it happens is when he drinks alot of water leading up to the test.I told him I have no idea of why that is, I thought maybe someone here would know. Any ideas?


Is this a joke?


It's possible that what's showing up in your friend's urine is not creatine but creatinine, which is a product of creatine phosphate metabolism. Everyone has creatine phosphate stored in their bodies, even if they aren't taking creatine, so it's perfectly normal for creatinine to show up in the urine. Of course, someone with a high creatine intake, or a high protein intake, will have higher levels of creatinine in the urine, but I don't see why this would be a problem.


You mean creatinine.



Why would they do a test for creatine? Anyway, if he hasn't been taking creatine I think it is a sign of heart damage/heart attack, or severe muscle damage. Maybe your "friend" is so stressed he's having minor heart attacks prior to the test.


I don't think you know completely what you are talking about. Creatinine is different from creatine. Creatinine is often excreted when the kidneys are under stress. Although it is tested for in the urine, it is a different test than that used with drug screens. There is no reason that I can think of that it would be tested for outside of a medical setting.

If he is flushing, it can show. Although drinking mass amounts of water may flush away the bad stuff, it will also flush away all the normal stuff in the urine.


Creatinine found in urine is a sign of chronic kidney disease, that is how I found out I have it. Tell your friend to see nephrologist, there are ways to slow the progression.


I already asked him if it was creatinine, and he said no. Alot of times parolees will take creatine and drink alot of water to "flush out" whatever's in their systems that shouldn't be prior to testing. I'll check out his paperwork, maybe it is creatinine and he just doesn't know the differance. Either way, thanks for the responses.


They aren't exactly testing for creatinine in the urine, but the specific gravity. If someone tries to dilute, their urine is going to be pale colored and have a low specific gravity. That's where B vitamins (for yellow) and creatine (for specific gravity) along with dilution will pass most tests.

Of course, your friend isn't diluting, which is what has caused problems with that parole/probation officer. They must think he's loading creatine but forgetting to drink the cranberry juice and water.