Creatine in Morning to Avoid Sleep Issues?

I have been taking creatine after my late afternoon workouts and have been having sleep issues. It has been suggested that I take it in the morning so as not to affect my sleeping as much.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

That makes no sense because creatine is not a stimulant and likely isn’t the cause of the sleep issues.

Are you taking any other workout supplements or pre-workouts? Is the creatine you’re taking just plain creatine with no other ingredients? Have you always lifted in the afternoon and never had sleep issues, and the only recent variable is creatine?

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Other than work and life in general being super busy the only new variable is the creatine. I

It is not the creatine, unless it is a pre-wokout with creatine added.

It’s not the creatine but likely your late afternoon workout. Can you workout earlier?

I’d lean towards the increase in general stress on the sleep trouble.

Have you tried anything different this past week?