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Creatine in Food?


I know there is already a post on this, but I am going to post this anyways because i need a quick answer. Is it alright to coat food in creatine after it is cooked? I know the results probally wont occur as fast, but will I get any results at all?




all i drink is water. I don't have any shakes...


Not even a pre/post-workout drink? You need to work on your nutrition.

Start drinking something like Surge either before, during, and/or after your workout. Mix your creatine in that.

I suggest starting in the Articles archive with stuff by John Berardi and David Barr.


And, even if you're not a beginner at lifting, it might be very educational to work through these:


All i eat is whole foods. I am recieving between 300-360g of protein daily and between 6300-9000 calories. I do not really think i need to be taking shakes on top of this, or taking out whole foods... So back to my original question, will it serve me any purpose to eat one of my meals daily with a scoop of creatine?


Why not just drink it in your water?


Funny you would bring this up. To be honest, I am a pussy, and I start gag like a little girl when I drink water with creatine in it. I try to hold back, but it just is not an option.


I heard of a need for it to be desolved for it to be absorbed in your body.

Water has worked well for me, some suggest warm water to help it desolve.

I use micronized so there's a better chance for it to get fully desolved. It's not more expensive either (I don't think).

If it's in liquid form for too long, it could turn to it's waste byproduct creatinine, so don't mix it to drink hours later.

I don't think it would be doing any good by putting the powder on food. There's also no taste, it's just that you can feel the texture of it in the water. That's another place where micronized helps.


I think you have food issues... :wink:


Keep in mind that you want an insulin spike post-workout to carry protein, creatine and other nutrients into the muscles when they are most hungry.

Have you bothered to read any of the articles I pointed you to? This is very basic exercise nutrition science.

David Barr makes a very good case for having liquid meals right after working out because they feed the muscles most quickly and efficiently. It's also the most effective way to get a fast insuline spike and ingest the fastest digesting proteins.

Eat what you want. It's your body. But to most efficiently get the creatine where it needs to be, it should be accompanied by some form of sugar, carried by an insulin spike.

If you're dead set on doing it all with solid food, try mixing the creatine in with coffee or hot tea. It should dissolve well and you should have an easier time getting it down.


I mix mine in any sort of juice. I'm sure you have juice, Gatoraide, powerade, apple juice. Plus, as far as I know, its better absorbed with some sort of carb containing liquid. I don't know the science behind that, but I've read it somewhere.


Ah, there you are. The guy claiming an intake of 9,000cals a day but still can't gain weight. You somehow do this while only drinking calorie free water as your only liquid form of nourishment. Why worry about creatine when you supposedly can't even gain weight on 9,000cals a day? Don't you think you need to take care of the basics first?


Don't be a pussy.

Or, use a little sugar-free drink mix like Crystal Light or a sugary drink like Gatorade as was suggested, depending on whether or not you want that insulin spike.

Did you ever input all that you were eating into a service like www.nutritiondata.com to see if your calorie counts were accurate?



[quote]Brendan B wrote:
All i eat is whole foods. I am recieving between 300-360g of protein daily and between 6300-9000 calories. [quote]

How the heck do you consume up to 9000 calories per day without having a protein shake and drinking only water?

Let's see...if you eat 6 meals per day that would be 1,500 calories per meal, all in solid food! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you are not doing it, but I sure would like to know what you are eating every few hours to consume that many calories without a Protein shake.


Sure he can eat 9000 cals a day if he hits Carls JR. 6 times a day.


I'd really like to see this meal plan, also. Definitely a LOT of food. Maybe a huge fat content? How big are you, Brenden?


He's not big. He's 160lbs at 5'10", yet people keep giving him advice on every topic he brings up.


hey, he COULD be getting this much energy each day with fatty meals. just drink a pint of oil per day in addition to your normal intake.

I call bull shit on this one. 9,000 calories per day doesnt make you want to puke but a little grit from creatine powder in your water does? Puh-leez brotha, i just aint buyin what you are sellin. honestly, i think you should closely evaluate your diet, recalculate everything and see where you are at.

your over-the-top claims may just be a newbie error or whatever. read up, get things straight and THEN post on the forum.

good luck in your endeavors.


Slug it. Put it on a spoon, put spoon in mouth, take creatine off spoon just like it was some tasty pudding, then take a big gulp of water. Creatine monohydrate has no taste to it.