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Creatine, How Long After Training?


I know its recommended to take creatine after your workout. But how long after your workout is it the most effective?


The hotly debated optimal post-workout window for supplements and recovery. It is said the 'window' is anywhere from immediately after to two or more hours later.

My opinion is don't fret too much over this and just get your Creatine preferably with something like Surge as close after finishing your workout as possible.

I take my Surge and Creatine within five minutes of finishing my workout and this works for me. The key is consistently using it on the days you work out whether it's five minutes or forty five minutes later.



I could just follow you from thread to thread, agreeing with everything.

Good advice, as usual.


That's cool, I like the company.



It really doesn't matter when you take the Creatine as it is for future workouts, not the one you just finished. It is best to take it with sugar as Dedicated said, and since you are taking lots of sugar in after workout, that's the most convenient time to take your creatine. The "window" is for the post workout carbs and really has no other relationship to timing of the creatine.


very true. the "window" may let your body absorb more of it, but I think if it's taken with simple carbs it will work well enough anyways. but who wants to take a chance?