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Creatine & HOT-ROX Extreme?

should i continue supplementing with creatine when i start using HOT-ROX Extreme?

Add this to the other 100 million stupid posts!

Is it the dehydration issue? I’ve never had any problems anyway.

Should be Just fine and IMO a great choice I like creatine even better when dieting down than when gaining to help keep the muscles hydrated while I cut carbs some and keep gym performance up during Lowered intake.

Hope that helps,

[quote]carthagebaseball wrote:
Add this to the other 100 million stupid posts![/quote]

How many of your entire catalog of 35 are included in those 100 million? Certainly at least this one. The question was valid and your response was not necessary.

As Phill stated, , Creatine is ok 365 days a year- bulking or cutting, and goes fine with any other supplement.

He’s probably thinking of the caffeine. But there is not enough caffeine that it will negate the benefits of creatine supplementation. And even a lot of caffeine will not entirely do so.

i’d heard creatine is generally compatible with most other supplements, just wanted to make sure.

thanks for the reassurance!