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Creatine, HMB and L-Glutamine

G’day all. I am currently taking creatine and am looking to incorporate L-Glutamine and HMB, what is the best way to mix these supplements?

It still amazes me that some people are still using HMB. Hello! It doesn’t work! We’ve known that for around 6 or 7 years now! See T-mag search engine for reasons why. I think the “Dirty Tricks” article may have explained it.

Take 3 grams of glutamine with each meal. HMB is worthless.

L-Glutamine, 3-5g. 2-3 times a day, just throw in wito protein powder… HMB mix with toilet water, and flush, repeat if necessary.

Why is HMB wothless? I have very encouraging results in the past.

Your encouraging results were most likely not due to the HMB. (Unless of course you were an elderly man with a muscle wasting disorder, in which case you might have spared a pound of lean mass with a years usage)

I’ve found that HMB is useful for strength at six grams per day but not cost effective. You’re better off taking Mag-10, you’ll gain at least six solid pounds in two weeks if you do it right.

All you guys are quick to bash HMB…No it doesn’t work…but neither will Glutamine at anything less than 25-35 grams per day. I have seen a few people enjoy gains from creatine but I have never noticed anything. However, there is a new product out that has Glutamine and Branch Chain Aminos, It is from Xtreme Formulations but I can’t remember what it is called. It has zero carbs and a half and half mix of Glutamine and Branch Chains. I am still mixing them separately in massive doses…It is a little hard to get down, but I have never felt like this from a supplement. I almost feel like I am on something. And for recovery…nothing beats that mix. Not that I have seen anyway and I am a supp junky.

Why have I had consistant results with HMB then?

This has occured in the gym and in endurance activities where my muscle soreness is much reduced during the exertion and in the days following, compared to when I haven’t taken the substance. From my observations this lack of fatigue is due to my consumption of HMB alone.

Just my thoughts but I will investigate further, thank-you for your thoughts and ideas.

The money could be better spent on other supplements that would work better, but to answer your question: creatine, glutamine and HMB should all be taken together immediately after you workout, with your post-workout drink. If you have money to burn, consider adding 600mg of ALA to this mix. Glutamine is also beneficial when taken before bed.

If you’re getting good results from HMB, more power to you. The only problem is that there’s never been empirical evidence to show HMB does much of anything in bodybuilders in sane dosages. I’d personally opt to spend the HMB money on Mag-10 instead, those are results you can measure.

I neglected to mention that if you throw ALA into the mix, don’t take it with the post-workout stuff. If you workout in the PM, take the ALA in the AM.

I went out and did some research today on ALA, because I was slightly confused about it. My conclusion is that ALA SHOULD be taken with carbs, and thusly SHOULD be taken with the post-workout shake. T-mag back issues mention something about ALA making you piss out glucose, but everything else I read says that ALA facilitates muscle glucose uptake. Also, if you take enough of this stuff everyday, it MIGHT be possible to eat upwards of a couple hundred grams of carbs a day and still stay in Ketosis, be that as your perogative.