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Creatine, HMB and L-Glutamine

I am currently increasing my workouts and including these supplements. My information on creatine loading is ample but how do I (in what amounts and timing) ingest the HMB and L-Glutamine for the most efficient body uptake and best mucsle recovery results?

The most up to date research shows that there is absolutly no reason to load on creatine (with the exception of pre-contest or pre-photoshoot). 3-5 grams with high glycemic carbs post workout is sufficient.

As for the glutamine, 2-3 grams upon awakening, 2-3 grams pre/during workout, 2-3 grams post-workout, and 2-3 grams before you go to bed. That's 4-6 grams on non-training days, and 8-12 on training days.

Skip the HMB; it will not make a difference.

HMB doesn’t work! Do a search on this site for it and you will find out that Bill Phillips lied to everyone about it’s effectiveness! Hopefully you can get your money back.