Creatine, Good For Me?

I’m new on here.
what do you think of creatine,i do martial arts and thought this would be good for me.
I have been doing wieghts for 3 years. I would like to bulk up a bit and be more defined would this be good for me or not. Ive read this gives you explosive strenght and thats what i need more of. Is there many side effects.


Creatine is a great supp for any one really for lifting and general health. For you being in a eight classed sport the extra hydration weight is something to consider but yes its a quality supp, one of the only proven one out


There is a lot of literature on this site regarding creatine, and will answer every question you could have on it. Go up to the search function, type in creatine, and get to reading.

Tanks for all the advise.