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Creatine/Glutamine Hinders Absorption?

A quickie.
I read somewhere ( always the beginning of a mistake) that taking creatine at the same time as glutamine hinders absorption of both substances because they compete for the same transport mechanisms.

In specific I’m wondering about BSN Cell Mass. It’s main components are creatine ethyl ester and glutamine akg.
I’ve used creatine, I like it but I cant stand all the shit it does to my guts. Plus I’m on a cut and Mono bloats me up like a bitch.

  • Do you think there’s any validity to the claim that glutamine and creatine compete for the same transport mechanisms i.e. they kind of cancel each other out and just end up getting pissed unused?
  • Have any of you switched from regular mono or micronized to CEE and liked it??

Thanks again.

i swear, nobody reads the articles anymore