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Creatine/Glutamine/Aminos Combination for Leaning Up


I’ve heard Christian mention the protocol of taking 5 grams each of creatine, glutamine, and aminos five times a day to help promote leanness while building muscle and I was trying to get some more insight into the dosing protocol. Do you do it on an empty stomach, with food, do you want any of these servings to be peri-workout, and isn’t this way more creatine than your body would ever be able to absorb?


Where did you see that?

Must have been either REALLY old or not by me because I haven not used creatine in about 10 years


I most recently saw it in an article on Biotest “20 pounds of Holywood
muscle” that Chris Shugart wrote in which he is interviewing you, Alwyn
Cosgrove, John Berardi, and Chad Waterbury. You reference it in the
response to what supplementation strategy you would use.


That’s SUPER old


Alright I couldn’t find a date on the article so I wasn’t sure, but I take
it you don’t promote that protocol anymore. Thanks for your time.



When I read the question I remember one old paragraph of CT talking about induced ketosis and aminoacids: It is not exactly what you asked, but guess that it will also be of your interest.