Creatine from Local Store is Actually Raw Test?

I’ve been taking creatine for about 6 months now, since September.

Purchased a small thing of creatine monohydrate, taking very little. I’ve been affected in a way that I was on my first cycle of Test E, but to a greater extent.

How will this affect my body? I’m pretty worried as I’ve been taking this for a while now. Will get bloods done. Thanks in advance!

There is almost zero chance that what you’re saying is true. Unless the people who run the store are a charity (or are running their own UGL and are blindingly incompetent) nobody would give you raw test instead of creatine for the same price.

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If it turns out to be true plz email store name to me.

For strictly scientific reasons of course.


hasn’t there been instances of creatine being contaminated with banned substances? I’ve taken creatine in other countries before and I swear they are stronger lol

Contaminated with a banned substance is a world away from “this stuff is an entirely different product”. Contamination happens, no doubt. But think about what would have to happen for the local shop to end up selling raw testosterone and labeling it as creatine. Think about the logistics of how that raw powder made its way from supplier to storefront. It’s tremendously unlikely.

Im not doubting you at all nothing suprise me anymore in this world. But I’m curious as to when this happened?

Unless your mixing it, drawing it into a syringe and injecting it into your butt cheek I highly doubt your taking testosterone. Drinkable testosterone you make right there in your shaker cup. Novel idea. I’m sure it would be a big seller. Lol


That’s what it feels like to me! I’ve taken creatine before but this is no other creatine. I’m not sure whats in it, but it’s helped with PRs

What’s the brand of creatine?

Then buy a Labmax kit and test it. If it is indeed testosterone then instead of having 500g of creatine (worth ~$6) you’ll have 500g of testosterone (worth ~$750).

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last year when I was in South America. the creatine product was definitely not pure creatine.

Wait can you mix raw test in water and drink it? Does that even work?


That’s what Ive been doin for 6 months! Also the creatine I bought was around $200, so I’ve been a little fishy but never really questioned it.

How much did you get for $200?

You spent $200 on creatine?! Please tell me you (for some reason) bought a 20 lb bag of the stuff. This can’t be real.


A UFC fighter CLAIMS that he was taking creatine from a supp company and it actually had ostarine in it!

Way more likely than it being testosterone.

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I heard this is true. I also heard they’re lacing protein powder with crack

what a stupid fucking thread.

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LOL I never said it was true, I said a UFC fighter CLAIMED his creatine was contaminated with Ostarine.

“claimed” so he wouldn’t lose his fight purse.

I’m convinced that all combat athletes are on some shit, even at the amateur level.
When I fought Muay Thai there was this kid in Long Island who would go all out punching for the entire duration of the fight. My dumbass tried to do bagwork like that I could barely last a round - couldn;t imagine doing that with an opponent fighting back.

Around the time I called it quits, I was getting my ass beat by a teammate who would spar for like 2-3 hours, still be fresh, and then do 2-3 hours of crossfit after. I shoulda known something was up.

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