Creatine for Women

I am a 115lb female, and want to start taking creatine monohydrate. What is a recommended starting dosage?

3-5g/day is typical for males, so I’d start with the lower end and go from there.

be sure to take with a simple sugar for maximum benefit.

thank you. I’ll start tomorrow.

Id do some research.

You are aware of how much water weight you may put on and where it may be stored? Make sure you drink as much water is possible if you do take it. If you take it might as well soak up all it’s benefits…

I’m not sure if you train for strength, reps or looks. So don’t be alarmed if you put on a little weight, around za belly/lovehandles. It’s probably water.

Figured id mention it?

I train for strength and drink around 2 gallons of water daily.

I am going to start with 3g a day in my post work out protein shake.

I bought a 100g so i’m going to try a cycle of it and see whether or not I end up storing weight around the midsection or if my body absorbs it well.

The water retention as bloat isn’t something that will be a constant concern, but the initial impact of seeing yourself ‘smoother’ than you’re used to (or “holy crap I’m huge!” for teenage boys) might be a little off-putting. As you’re s strength athlete, and concerned more with performance than appearance, the effect shouldn’t be a big deal, and in a couple of weeks (at the most), things will settle in and you won’t even notice anything.


From my personal experience, I do weigh more when taking creatine, but it’s not unflattering weight. If anything, it makes my muscles seem fuller. I wouldn’t worry too much about a “bloating” effect.

3g a day sounds like a good dose. Good luck.