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Creatine for weight loss

I thought that this was a question that should be answered by someone who knows more than I do. Okay, if you’re over-weight and take creatine, you’ll get bigger, right? But will it be an “embarrassing” bigger (bigger gut too)?

I was thinking that if you took creatine, it will add to your LBM. But does it add in such a way that your calorie expenditure per day will increase? (ie. JMB has 500 cal + 10cal/lb per day). I’m thinking that it will allow a greater exertion in the gym, thus more calories burned there as well.

I know creatine won’t add to the damage you do to your body during a workout, and that’s where most of the calories go (healing the damage). But would creatine allow you to expend more calories per day? Gosh, all I can think is that it would make you heavier and make you spend more walking, climbing stairs, etc.

Creatine doesn’t really add LBM. It allows you to do more work in a given situation, such as weightlifting. So, if this [overweight] person was to take creatine and was a lifter, than obviously obviously he would reap the same benefits as anyone else from taking it.

That is, if benching 200 for 10 reps is a good stimulus for growth, then benching it for 12 reps is a bit better (and yes, will also use more calories). So in this respect, over time creatine will help this individual gain LBM, thus increasing their metabolic rate and daily caloric expenditure.

Also, yes, in some sense if it makes you retain a bit of water, then you would likely expend more calories dragging an overall 240 pounds around all day than you would 230 or 235. So I suppose you could theoretically lose some weight that way.

Additionally, I believe there have been some studies which show that creatine is useful during cutting diets, esepcially low carb diets, as it will help with lean mass retention and even energy levels.

I don't know if that helps, but what you say makes sense. Hopefully someone can shed more light on this.

You’ll have a higher metabolic rate allowing you to burn calories more easily, the increased hydration of the muscles is a more advantageous environment for preserving muscles. The increased CP stores allows your muscles to do more work making overload easier. This is also advantageous to preserving muscle while dieting. But since it takes an insulin spike to cause optimal creatine uptake into the muscles and an insulin spike causes fat storage except immediately post-workout, the only practical time to take creatine while dieting is immediately post-workout.

I concur with Brian. You will burn more calories for all those reasons. I have used it on bulking and cutting phases and noticed that it may be even more ideal for cutting actually. I’ve noticed more true mass gains immeadiately after stopping the creatine cycle. It’s strange. What seems to happen is my body sheds the water weight; then my muscle seems to creep into the old form it took before; next it begins to thicken with the load you were working out with while on creatine. In a short period of time you’re back to creatine size but it’s LBM not water. It definately works though. I’ve just recently begun methoxy-7. I’ve only used it for a week but I’ve noticed that it is working. This stuff is great for maintaining mass while cutting. I might try it and creatine together actually. This combo for long term cutting and building together might be a lethal one.