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Creatine for Teens


im 15 5'10 and weigh 269 and weightlift 5 times a week from 2:45 to sumwhere around 5:15 on monday tuesday and friday and the on the other days 2:45 to somewhere around 4:20. Creatine has been coming to my attention in the weight room. I looked it up everywhere. I heard different thing but they canceled each other out. I heard that to take creatine you need to be older than 16. I believe my body is capable to handle anything of a 16 year old. Im not looking for a miracle pill i do like to train hard but i want my gains to come at a faster rate.

So does creatine have any side affects because of my age? Will it work any different because of my age? My doctor said i shouldnt take creatine but he also said i shouldnt take protein and i know protein wouldnt do any harm so i didnt take his advice even if he is a doctor.


You have a few details to iron out before you decide wether or not to take creatine as a supp.

Your training is an issue as is your weight.


If you were my son I would make sure that you lost some weight. I don't think that's healthy to be walking around at 269lbs. at 5' 10" and 16 yrs. old.

The last thing you need is creatine. You need a good cutting cycle.

Check the T-Nation search engine for a good weight reduction program.


Notice it's not spelled createen (ouch, that was bad, even for me).

Concentrate on your diet, first; training second. At this stage in your life, dialing those two factors in will give you your best gains, with a solid foundation. Once you have them in order, and are consistent with them both (many, many moons from now), only then should you think about supplementation.
But you need a solid foundation, first. Without that, supplements will be worthless.

Be patient, work hard (and smart), eat right, get proper rest, and good things will come to you.

Good Luck.


I may be 269lb but my body doesnt look it honestly> i would like to think im atheltic. Im playing football and i thought i needed something to keep my endurance up and add some strength. As a freshmen i have a chance to play varsity. But with the help of a supplement it might give my confidence a boost.


Your training is an issue as is your weight.[/quote]

can you explain more on what you meant in this quote.What is wrong with my training? The time??


if you really want to up your endurance, lose the fat!

size isn't everything in football (even if you're a linemen, but it does help).

considering that you're only 15 and a big kid none the less, lose the fat and open up a world of possibilities.

You're not big enough to be a linemen (not in D1 college, but you still might have a lot of growing to do) but you do have the opportunity to get a lot faster and stronger and open up a chance to play a lot of other positions in your future.

Consider that fact and become a full back or if you can get really fast, become a linebacker. You could be a freight train if you were able to speed up (which might be as simple as losing a lot of fat and training for sprinting speed).

It's amazing what a solid work ethic can achieve, you're young, take advantage of that.


In all seriousness though,we don't know this kid's BF, so how can we assess his diet and body? I'm guessing as well it's not 15% or lower necessarily, but just putting it out there.

My recommendation would be the same as everybody else's. You're a healthy young guy and have soaring test levels most likely, take advantage of the, eat clean and you can make huge strength gains. Just make sure you keep your bodyfat in check.


The kids 15, is 5'10 and 270, hes plenty big enough to be a high school lineman. The best OL on my high school team was 5'7 210 and was damn good.

Dont worry about creatine right now, drink your protein shakes, dont spend 3 hours in the gym, work on your cleans, squats, deads, and bench and youll be alright.


I dare say that your high school team and a D1 team are two very different kettles of fish. The guy was talking about the kids future prospects. If you want to prove him wrong, then show us a D1 linebacker that proves him wrong, not your high school buddy. Incidentally if that high school buddy did go on to D1 that would be perfect.


dont just focus on the training as said in the last paragraph, NUTRITION is vital in any hopes of succeding