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Creatine For Road Warriors

To all the road warriors out there - are you using creatine while traveling for business? And if yes, what product are you using? I’m going to start traveling for business about 50% of my time and I am thinking a tupperware filled with white powder might arouse some suspicion at airport security. Thanks in advance.

For short trips I skip a lot of my supplements, and just take the most essential ones.

For longer or more frequent trips, yes a good strategy would be helpful. I’m curious to hear what people come up with.

You’ll be alright with the tupperware or a ziploc bag. Put it in your checked bags if you have them. If they ask what it is just tell them creatine, protein, whatever. Hopefully they can tell by looking at you that you are a gym rat. I’ve never been held up for long.

The one thing to avoid is to put a whole, opened tub of Grow or whatever in your checked bag. When the handlers toss that shit around and it gets squished, the top WILL come off and you will have protein infused clothes. Trust me.

I just use the GNC black label stuff. A while back I bought the small container - about the size of a pill bottle. Now I buy the big container every few months and just refill the little one before trips.

I also put Surge and/or Grow! in tupperware containers and haven’t gotten questioned yet.

Go to your local Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, or whatever. Find a small bottle (100-300g) of creatine monohydrate. This should set you back less than $10. After you have used it, save the bottle to refill with creatine from your kilo (you are buying in bulk, I assume) when taking on trips. It looks less suspicious than an unmarked bottle.

I saved an old ProLab bottle from when they were doing the 300g+300g shrinkwrap packages for $16.99 a few years ago. Now, I just refill it whenever I have a trip. If you need to save more room, get a 100g bottle.

By the way, I still use the ProLab brand. $20/kg on another site. If you want micronized, AST makes also makes a good product.