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Creatine for My Son (17Y/O)?

Hey all-

My son has been lifting for about 18 months and has made some nice progress. I’m proud of him for sticking to it and not quitting. I’m also glad to see him focus his attention on lifting as opposed to other things (drinking, drugs, etc.) that can land him in trouble. He’s never been in trouble, he’s a great kid.
Now he wants to add creatine to his program. He’s a healthy 17 year old kid and wants to keep making some progress. TBH, I don’t know much about it and haven’t taken it before. Is there anything that I need to know if I let him start using creatine? Suggested doses? Any long term effects to worry about?
Thanks for all of your help, folks.

Just make sure he drinks plenty of water! Otherwise that creatine is awesome and a great bang for the buck. 5-10 grams a day Is plenty.

No long term effects but it can cause intestinal issues for some. He may also gain a ton of water weight. Probably best to start slowly rather than swallowing 10 grams the first time.

Creatine is very well researched and nothing to worry about. Dosage as the package says, typically 5g without any “loading” phase.

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I’ve been taking creatine since it hit the market at least 25 years ago and I’ve never had any issues. It is so much cheaper now than it was then. Personally I just take the plain creatine monohydrate. Many manufacturers have tricked it up to drain your wallet but the original from a reputable company is the way to go.

Creatine is a supplement, which means it’s secondary to real food intake. If he’s not eating three meals a day seven days a week, I wouldn’t suggest it simply because his priorities are out of order.

5 grams a day is the standard for lifters.

No. Studies have looked at creatine in pretty much every possible way - long-term use (5+ years non-stop), high doses, senior citizens, etc. It’s fine.

Creatine is good, I’ve taken it before in the past and had some good results. Like others said, be sure to drink tons of water(at least a gallon) and keep in mind it can make your stomach sick.

Keep in mind also that Creatine works for some and others it doesn’t do anything. It trial and error type thing. For me back then, It worked. not so much today.

Also, do your research! Have him do his research, there are tons or articles out there about Creatine. Many different suggestion on pre loading and more.