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Creatine for Four Months Straight?


Hey folks:

I am new to the forums. I was just wondering, for those of you that supplement creatine, when do you begin to cycle it out? I just started a periodization program with my trainer that involves very high volume, 2-3 times per week and I don't want to really give the creatine a rest while all this lifting madness is going on.

As it turns out, I won't be done with this program for four months, but I'm not sure I want to continuously take the creatine for that period of time.

Any ideas?


I've taken it steadily since last July. However, I only take it pre/post workout. I think it's 5 grams total. I've never cycled it out but I don't take huge volumes either.


Do you take 5g BOTH pre and post? So, 10g total?

Right now, I am throwing 5g in my shakes in the morning on my off days and then on my training days I take 5g in water about 1 hour to 1 1/2 before my workout.

I have noticed some water retention, but so far, I am comfortable with it.

Thanks for the response!


I take about 5 grams total. 1/2 pre and 1/2 post. However, lately I've been increasing the amount pre. It's kind of unscientific. I weigh about 121lbs so my quantities may be different than yours.

I haven't had any water retention issues or anything else. Sometimes I get drymouth when training but that's about it.


bloating and nausea probably indicate you are saturated and over doing it. i would try 3g daily; taking that dose post workout for recovery on training days. see how you feel trying that for 4 weeks?


I really don't even cycle mine. I cut it out during contest prep, but that's it. Otherwise, I'm always on it. Hmm maybe I should re-think that.


I've been taking a scoop of Biotest Creatine with my PWO shake after each workout since about December. I'll cycle it out once the bottle is gone. Which should be within the next week or so.