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Creatine for Football


I am training to play runningback and i am 16 years old, 5'9 145 pounds and i decided to try creatine. will creatine help me increase size, strength and speed? or will it make me a slower runner, fatter, weaker give me kidney and liver problems and stretch my skin? give me your opinions on creatine.


you are going to get seriously flamed for your post... FYI

Just for future reference you should do some research before you ask questions and dont believe everything you hear.

Creatine will most definitely NOT make you slower, fatter, weaker, give you kidney and liver problems or stretch out your skin. I dont know where you heard that but whoever/wherever you got that info from should not be listened to about anything in life ever lol.

good luck OP


i'd say you don't need it. eat food (the right ones), sleep, and train. At your age there is no need to dive into supplementation. 20 years old, and 3 years out of highschool where i was an all-league RB, all i wish i would have done different is train harder. most players dont take it seriously, and use the gym to chat about girls/classes instead..

If you insist on taking creatine, which to i still say DONT DO IT, it can help you increase muscle mass/strength, NOT without the proper nutrition and training of course. Will it make you faster? not likely. Speed is learned through extensive training; hill sprints, foot work, leg workouts, etc. Creatine is not a magic powder, rather, a tool to help compliment gains. For the latter of your post, the "side effects", non-existent.

scroll down til you see the question asked by "andy", Joe Defranco is quite possible THE foremost athletic trainer, especially football players. Miles Austin, Adrian Peterson, etc http://www.defrancostraining.com/ask-joe-test/45-nutritionsupplementation.html


I agree with most of what you say, except I think creatine would help him too. It's been shown time and time again to increase peak power in short bursts of athletic performance, IE, every play in football. Would also help him increase muscle mass. Also, plain ol creatine monohydrate is really, really cheap. Like under $10/month.

However, you are definitely correct that the proper training and nutrition is much more important. So OP, put a lot more focus into training your balls off and eating lots of good food to grow. But yes, I do think creatine would help you, and it will NOT do any of those negative things you mentioned. At all.

*Edited cause I screwed up the quoting somehow.


I died once taking creatine.... shits dangerous


At 145 maybe you should switch to roaming free safety. Then you won't need to worry about getting slowed down by all the muscle the other players carry.

Kicker is a viable option as well.


Safety is my other position i play, buy since i also play runningback im trying to get bigger and better


I'm not against creatine (been supplementing with it for about half a year now) but I don't think it's the best supplement for a 16 year old. There can be negative sides to creatine (the acute kidney damage and other bullshit that doctors mention). These will almost definitely NOT happen if you a) buy a decent product and b) use it reasonably.

I second the "eat clean, eat a lot" idea. You're young, so your body is still growing plenty on its own without the aid of supps. If you really want to add supps, just start small. Make sure you're having fish oil, and add a good protein shake after your workouts. IMHO, anything beyond that is just unnecessary.

Make sure you take care of the basics and just eat well, sleep well, and train intelligently before you look at supplementation. You're only 145, consistent hard, smart work should pack on plenty of good lean mass that will only help your athletic performance.


There is no reason not to use creatine.



Proper diet and training is SIGNIFICANTLY more important than creatine use for a 16 year old. It is almost guaranteed that you can make improvements there. Those improvements will have a far greater impact on your progress than creatine will.


What does fish oil do for workingout and building muscle?


Creatine is supposed to help prevent concussions. Which would be good for football too.



In brief, it can help with recovery and also aid in maintaining leanness. I'm not a serious coach or anything so I'm not going to regurgitate a ton of shit that I vaguely understand, but if you run a search on this site or elsewhere, you can read up on the various mechanisms it acts through. Most coaches I've read and most of the people I know that train seriously acknowledge that it's just a foundation supplement that should be a part of a solid nutrition plan.

I agree with Bonez 100% though. Creatine is a great supplement, but it doesn't build muscle and increase strength on its own- only works when coupled with good eating and training.

Lol and just general advice for getting bigger and stronger while staying fast and explosive for football- if you haven't already done so, learn how to power clean and power snatch. I wish someone coached me on that in high school, because I'm a shitload more athletic now that I work on those lifts.


Stop being a lazy shit. Do some research, it's all here on the site. Get some food in you, your the size of many female athletes. You could take all the supplements in the world and not grow if you're not eating enough. Which you're not. Sack up, eat more, research, train hard.


Um, I just wanted to make sure the dude read that. It's pretty much key.

Here's a brief interview that discusses some of the misconceptions about creatine. If your parents are scared, make sure they read it too:

With that said, however, if your training and food aren't properly in place, there's very little sense in taking creatine, or any supplement, right now. Especially if you're trying to gain size, you better be focused on eating as many egg and cheese sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, and tuna sandwiches as possible. Don't try to avoid carbs or fats. Eat plenty, sleep well, and be consistent with your training.

Ideally, I'd like to see you take a brief break for some bodyweight training, to make sure you're fully prepped for an intense lifting program, but you should do fine with any free weight-based plan that includes plenty of barbell and dumbbell work.

You're only about 10 pounds heavier than my girlfriend's son, who's about your age, and I can't possibly imagine him taking a tough football hit. Kiddo looks like a stegosaurus when he leans forward, with all his vertebrae poking out of his back.

For you, right now, fish oil has nothing to do with building muscle. Or to put it as an SAT analogy, fish oil is to building muscle as good math grades are to picking up girls. It might help, but it's wayyyyyyyyyy down on the priority list.


creatine is useless

juice hard, go pro



My son is 16 and plays football as well and he trains with me. The only thing I have him taking is a good Whey protein shake. You don't need supplementation but Creatine won't hurt you by any means.

The best thing you can do is make sure your training method is solid and make sure your diet is solid. Focus on that and you'll be good.


thanks everyone for the great info