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Creatine for Fatloss


as mentioned in my previous posts i am currently 345 lbs and morbidly obese!!
im in my first week of dieting and exercising and so far so good. unfortunantely i have a history of dysrythmia and cant use a thermogenic supplement, i was wondering what kind of effect creatine would have in aiding weight loss if any at all.


Personally, at your beginning level, I wouldn't even bother taking it.

Build a good base with your weight training, eat right, take fish oils, a good multi-vitamin, and supplement with variety of good protein sources. Later, when you're further along, you could consider it. But no, there isn't any direct weight loss effect from creatine. Depending on the type of creatine, you may retain more water weight than normal. It does help you to some degree in training and recovery, but again, for a beginner, I would stick with the basics.


you dont need it, especially for fat loss. just stick to your diet bro, you will be under 300 lbs if you stick with it and bust your ass within 3 months.

dont ever give up with this man. it is the best thing you will ever do for yourself.


Im going to agree witht Owen i was in a similar place sitting at 290 and started to workout and diet and my wieght started dropping. I started taking Creatine so reinforce my muscles to help prevent injury but have been struggling with my weight numbers as i have not gone down since i started it. I am currently sitting at 273 and been there a week. It seems to be more difficult tracking my progress while running around with it in my system.


Thanks for the medieval bump brah


Oh sorry man forgot i was using the search tool and didnt even see the date. All i saw 30 and thought that was the other day




Creatine will most likely NOT create a MEASURABLE about of fat loss. Having more ATP available may allow you to train harder and feel less fatigued though. Something to take into consideration if you do take it, is that you will most likely add quite a decent amount of water weight.


I agree with the others, it could put you off psychologically as well because the creatine would add some water weight, on the scales you would appear heavier. I would just use it when you want to add some size.