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Creatine for Cutting up?

OK so I’m planning on getting as cut up as I can for spring break - my goal is to have the “wash-board” stomach, something Ive never before achieved. Ive got a pretty good diet going on, so now it just comes down to the little details…and I’m wondering about creatine. I know among other things, it causes the muscles to retain water, but I’m curious as to what effect it may have on definition. So if i want the wash-board, is it yay or nay to creatine?? Thanks a lot everyone!

I’ve never seen any “cutting” effect from creatine. I’ve had best luck with Ephedra type products like MD6 combined with proper diet and proper program. Also T2/T2 pro can be beneficial as well as methoxy and androsol. Some of the herbal products on the market such as taraxatone will help shedd excess water after dieting down.

Creatine shouldn’t have any negative effect on your muscular definition. As you stated, it causes water retention within the muscle cells, not subcutaneously, i.e. under the skin water retention. I know that bodybuilder Jeff Willett takes creatine up until a day or two before a show, and it obviously doesn’t effect his definition much, if at all. So, I basically wouldn’t worry about creatine preventing you from having a ‘wash-board’ stomach.

Sorry - I misunderstood your question - Al is right. Creatine shouldn’t hinder you getting cut, only holding fluid in muscle cells not subcutaneously.

Use a good creatine product while you diet, it will help you better maintain strength and muscle mass that is lost while dieting. You might want to stop a week or so before your trip though b/c creatine can cause some people to hold a little water under their skin, blurring defintion. Also use a good EC product like MD6. I’d also suggest a good androgen like Androsol(or finasol;), MAG-10, or (you know I love you and your products biotest guys) Maxteron (by Impact Nutrition).

Spring break is several weeks away. If your on the creatine now take a nice photo of your abs. Then rest off the stuff for several days while maintaining the same water, salt, meal plan etc. Retake the same photo, same time of day. You may not detect a difference visually (which is your concern) in that case stick with the creatine as it will help with muscle strength and definition.

A couple of washboard ab tricks - The big ripples you see in photos are influenced by abdominal muscle development. To get bigger muscles in the abs do your sit ups with a weight on your chest. You grow your ab muscles just like your bicepts, so go at it with the same attitude.

Also, most of the photos you see of very nice abs are enhanced by cosmetics. To do your own cosmetic trick use a dark brown eye liner pencil and draw a line across the valley of your six packs and then blend in with your finger to create a dark shadow effect. This will take some experimenting. Use your lotion only on the top of the bulges to highlight them.

As for spring break getting laid advice, I might suggest that chicks are lame and would rather give a blow job in a Porche than be seen with a body builder in a Yugo.

And about that drinking - let the girls do the drinking my friend so you can think straight with both your heads and save your money for condoms.