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Creatine For Beginners

Hi, I just started working out and my goal is to lose some 20lbs of fat and gain a decent amount of muscle to tone my body, btw, i’m 19, male, 6’1" and 200lbs. I thought about using creatine to speed up the fat burning and muscle growth but someone told me that once I stop using creatine I gain lot’s of weight and that I should only think about taking creatine after some 4 years of strength training.

So, should I take creatine as a beginer? and will I get fat if I stop using it?

zigxter, we have very little data on the effect of creatine on fat loss. To me, this suggests that it has little effect, if any at all.

My suggestion is that you choose one goal, either fat loss or muscle size, and focus on that.

Of course as a beginner, you can do both while compromising each. Besides, it always helps to have specific goals.

Hope this helps!