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Creatine for a Hockey Player



Im new to this forum
Im 16 and i've been going to the gym for a one and a half years, and i was thinking of starting to use creatine. What are your guys thoughts on this.



do it. I’d recommend protein+large amounts of food+ heavy weights first tho.



While I think you should take creatine, I have to ask…what’s your diet and training like?


I go to gym at least 4 times a week my breakfast will usaully consist of eggs and toast and some fruit.
At lunch i will have two sandwiches with somekind of meat in it some fruit and some yogurt.
And dinner i will have some sort of meat
eg. steak, ham and chicken

I will have two protein shakes a day.

Does creatine have any side effects on a kid my age.


No. When you take creatine, drink A LOT of water. If you can, keep a gallon of water with you at all times, and sip on it during the day. Urinate as necessary.




will creatin help me put weight on because right now im only 150 pounds and playing hockey with 15-18 year olds at a competive level so i need more weight and i need to keep my speed.


Are you in good hockey shape? Creatine will put on weight; some of it will be muscle (a result of the extra effort you’ll be able to exert in the gym) and also water. Creatine floods your muscles with water. Obviously, a gain in weight will adversely affect your speed. However, your weight gain isn’t instantaneous, so you shouldn’t lose speed if your legs keep getting stronger. However, if you’re afraid of losing speed (which may or may not happen), try taking a beta-alanine supplement.

Take 5g a day after your workouts. Like I said, drink lots of water, it will help with the results.


your saying take 5g of creatin after my workout i was told to take it before my workout.

Yes i am in good hockey shape.



1st 5 days: 5g before workout 5g after
everyday after: 5g postworkout
drink it with apple juice
drink a protein shake postworkout

some think it’s better before, some after, some don’t load. There is a lot of different opinions and info out there. This is how I’d take it.

Creatine has no more effects on somebody your age.

It will help with performance as long as you work hard. If your not busting ass in the gym it might not benefit you like you think. Put in the hard work and you should be ok :wink:

I’d also eat more and more often.



latley ive been eating more food.


Gerdy’s right. And no, don’t take it before workouts after the first 5 days. It’s more effective afterwards, but the first 5 days are for “loading.”


Thanks for the help guys.
Do u got any suggestions for workouts that would bet suit a hockey player.



I know a fellow bodybuilder and former hockey player and his legs have tremendous size/strength from skating. There is an article on here about the legs of speedskaters, etc. If you look it up I’m sure you will find it.

I’d keep your legs and core at optimal shape. I’m no hockey player but I know some strong/fast wheels and a stable core for balance will help you out. So Squat/Deadlift and then all the accessory exercises as I call em. lol One thing for sure is that as an athlete you want to make sure you are staying flexible. I took a yr off from baseball in between high school and college and focused on strength/size in the weight room. I didn’t focus on staying flexible. I’m a catcher and the first few months were a pain in the ass to get the flexibility in my legs back…so be sure to stay flexible.



what about some upper body strength workouts.


will they let me buy creatine as a 16 year old.


[quote]hockeyman11 wrote:
what about some upper body strength workouts.[/quote]

Do olympic lifts, especially the cleans (clean and press, clean and jerk). Upright rows are good, too.

What position do you play?


[quote]hockeyman11 wrote:
will they let me buy creatine as a 16 year old.[/quote]



left wing


Yeah, then definitely do the lifts I told you about. Also, in general, work on your shoulders, upper back, and triceps. But, in general, just get your whole upper body stronger than it is now, obviously.