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Creatine For A 16yr Old

Hi i was just wondering, at 16 will creatine really help your energy, strenth levels, if you are already in good shape and have good strenth.One of my friends said that creatine dident do anything for him and he is in good shape altought he dident do a loading Phase he only went on it for 10 days.My brother is a personal trainer and he said that there has been studdies that say you dont need a loading Phase, you only need to take 5-10 grams a day of creatine a day.
Anyway will creatine help my strenth go up as i am already ok in strenth at 150 pounds benching 195 1RM and can curl 115 strict 1 RM at 16, so will it really help me that much and is it worth taking can anyone tell me about caffine supplements are they good for pre workouts THANKS ALOT ALL FOR THE HELP.

Caffeine is a GREAT supplement if you use it right. It boosts cAMP levels and increases the time it takes for you to fatigue, not to mention it helps to break down fatty acids. The problem is most people abuse it so it does little due to their tolerance. Ideally most people would be like me and only use it pre-workout or on cutting cycles and not drink caffeinated beverages.
As for creatine TC wrote an article a long time ago about it, it’s in the first year the magazine came out back in the archives. Yes it’s true that you don’t need a loading phase; your muscles get saturated with it (5g/kg I think), so a loading phase just gets you to the saturation point quicker. After your saturation point if you take too much you’ll just expel it in your urine.
Creatine is not a strength gainer, it will not make you stronger, it’ll just allow you to sustain a maximun workload for an increased period of time, eg 7 seconds vs 5 seconds.
Read TCs article first and then do some research on the stuff b/c at this point you sound like you have good intentions, just lack the knowledge to carry them out.

If you do a search on this site for “creatine” you’ll find a lot of information and opinion, including several opinions given in threads on creatine that were started by YOU.

5-10 grams/day seems excessive, since recent research shows that you can absorb 1-2 grams under optimal conditions. Throw a teaspoon of creatine into your post-workout drink and see if you think it has any effect over the next couple weeks.

The acne effect seems to be unlikely.

How is the December 23rd goal coming along?

My 15 year old son takes it during the Football and Track seasons only, he says the one effect he really notices is on his speed, he says the difference is quite noticable.

Thanks T-shaw
Yes im still tying to see if i get to 200 im pretty sure i will as i have been doing 3x3 with 175 so Im hoping im gonna do mabe even 205 that would be nice. What are some of the supplements you take, pre and post workouts and have you tried flax oil or udo’s oil blend. Thanks

hey when i as a Sophomore in 3 yrs ago i took creatine for wrestling… and it really work always had energy was stronger than most and even was accused of juicing… but o well… just make sure u drink A LOT of water and you will be fine to the math drink 1.5 - 2oz water per body pound… so i weigh 190 so i would have to drink 380oz of water which is like 3 gallons