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Creatine for a 16 Year Old?


Hey guys

I'm 16 and was wondering what your thoughts were on whether should take creatine? My diet is solid, has been for about a year, I'm about to start the WS4SB so my programme is good too (i have previously been training for over a year though, so not a complete newbie).

Do you think it's worth me taking creatine? Some of my friends have used it (16yrs old too), they don't seem to have any negative side effects, only good gains. But looking around on the internet, it seems forbidden for under 18's. So i'm unsure of what to do. Thanks for any help.



You get Creatine from fish and meat too! Is that forbidden for under 18's?

The warning label on Creatine says it should not be used by children. That DOES NOT apply to you. Before starting this tread, you should have read the Creatine label in the Biotest Store.



Some one in my gym at 17 asked me this same question last week.

I said to him: "Get your training right and keep eating tons of food; as much healthy food as you can, and tap out your current genetic potential. It won't kill you to take creatine at a young age, but you might want to get to the point where you might "need" it instead of taking it for the sake of taking it."

It's good, cheap stuff...but push yourself for a while (with nutrition and training) before you add supplements.


What, specifically, did you eat yesterday?

In the past year, how much have your squat, deadlift, flat bench, overhead press, barbell row, and pull-ups improved?

Generally (without knowing the answers to the above questions), no, I don't. I agree with B rock that there's nothing "wrong" with you taking creatine, but it's most likely unnecessary right now.

Do you sleep eight hours each night? Do you eat breakfast seven days a week? What are your training goals? Can you explain how creatine would get you closer to your goals?


I see your a coach so your advice is very welcome and i will take it on board.

Yesterday i ate:
Breakfast: Porridge, banana, orange juice
Mid-morning: Peanut butter sandwich on wholemeal bread.
Lunch: 3 egg omellette, 3 slices wholemeal toast
Mid-Afternoon: Apple, prebiotic yoghurt (normally protein shake but just ran out.)
Dinner: Chilli con carne, rice.
Evening snack: tin of tuna.

I havent tracked my lifts for a year, but in the last 6 months, all for 5 reps:
Squat: 50kg to 92.5kg
Deadlift: 60kg to 115 kg
Flat bench: 45kg to 77.5kg
Overhead press: 32.5kg to 45kg(pathetically weak i know)
Barbell row: 47.5kg to 65kg
Pullups, have gone from doing them with BW, to with 12.5 dumbelll between legs

I do sleep 8 hours atleast each night, normally abit more. I definately eat breakfast everyday, can't imagine not eating it lol. My training goals are to stay lean, but pack on muscle and i need to increase my strength too. I think creatine would help because the research has shown it will help you build muscle, and help with strength. I think i covered everything, if there's anything else you want chris just ask.


Your diet is carb-loaded (which is acceptable at 16) but with not much protein (looks like 75-100g at most). Also, that doesn't look like too much kcals. How tall are you? How much do you weigh?

Unless you're 5' or shorter, you definitely need to up the calories. Throw in more protein, and eat your damn vegetables!


i tok it, choose brands wisely, some are really high in sugar, try to get creatine in pill form. but like everyone else said, try to get a stellar diet first


I disagree on the pill thing. Usually more expensive and it's not really like it even has a strong taste.

Get Biotest's stuff. It's cheap as dirt and you can trust the company.


Creatine Monohydrate, CREAPURE. If it carrys the creapure sign, it's good. Forget pill form and forget the forms with sugar added. I don't see any reason not to take it at your age.


I'm 16, took creatine for 2 weeks, don't anymore, just fucking eat man lol..ALSO creatine isn't bad for you unless you drink no water, but the amount of water which is recommended for creatine use you should be drinking anyways. Just eat.It works.


Creatine is fine for 16 year olds. I do agree with B rocK that creatine might best be implemented upon reaching a true plateau. Your diet definetly could be better, I mean you don't even get a complete protein until lunch if that's a typical day. A change in diet will give you better strength and size results in the long run than creatine ever could.


Thanks for the advice guys, as to my diet, it wasn't really an average day. I ran out of protein powder. I normally have one when i get up, one with carbs after training, then one with milk before bed, this does up my protein intake considerably, i'll also try and get some more carbs + veg in there. I think i'm gonna go with Nate on this one, and just fuckin eat more. That should help me, and if after a while, i do actually hit a complete plateau, like some of you have said, then i'll consider creatine. Thanks for all the help. If you have any other tips for my diet or anything, please leave a comment, ALL ADVICE IS WELCOME!!


Your second-born child (because everyone knows first-borns aren't the coolest), an e-mail from Jessica Biel saying she's looking for a new trainer, and an '82 Corvette, black with charcoal interior. Thanks.

Ha, that's exactly why I asked. Not singling you out at all, but whenever I ask someone this, they either don't answer, or they qualify it with a "Well, you know, funny you should ask. I just got over a stomach bug and wasn't hungry yesterday, but really, honest, I usually eat this, this, and this."

Just saying, you know what you should do, just make sure that's what you do do. A few scoops of quality protein powder throughout the day, like you already said, is a great idea and that's what can make the difference between actually gaining size or just spinning your wheels. Just make sure your overall calories are in abundance, too.

I didn't see it mentioned anywhere yet, what's your height and current weight?


lol, very harsh chris haha. It was pure coincidence i ran out of protein this week, it should be here tomorrow. And i am 6ft, 165lb. Not quite what you'd call a beast lol. BUT compared to what i started at, given very skinny genetics, i am improving, just a matter of time before you'll see me at mr. olympia...


Yeesh. That's about where I was in high school (around 6'2", 170) before I started lifting seriously. Your strength looks like it came up pretty well in the last six months. What were you weighing last year, before you started lifting consistently?

At your size, I'd definitely increase the calories (even factoring in some protein shakes). Try to have more than just those three eggs per day. You can hard boil them to carry for snacks, or just cook them however and add some to meals.


Yeah i'm going to add some ultra fine oats to those protein shakes, that should up the calories by 500kcals+. As to the eggs, i'll do what i can hard boiling them is a very good idea, i could just have them through the day then! If you check back to my diet is there any ways i could get cals in, i dont have a massive appetite so if theres any things which are calorie rich you could suggest, that would be helpful, thanks. Oh and last year i think i weighed around 10st, so 140lb, i haven't changed more than an inch, two inches at the most in height, so most of that weight is muscle!!



In that logic you should stay away from protein powder until you reach a "complete plateau" just eat more food. And don't even think about Flameout.
By the way, you are unlikey to reach a "complete plateau" at your age.